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How to Find a Good Insurance Agent

It seems like insurance agents are on about every street corner. But how do you go about finding a GOOD insurance agent?

When shopping for insurance you have many choices in agents. Here’s a list of things to do to make sure you find the best agent for you:

  • Contact as many agents as you feel you need to in order to find the best one. We recommend talking to at least five agents.
  • Make sure you contact both captive agents like State Farm agents and Farmers Insurance agents, as well as a number of independent agents.
  • If you have family or friends where you live, ask them for referrals to agents they have a good relationship with.
  • Compare insurance quotes from several different agents that you feel comfortable with. This helps ensure you get the widest selection of rates.
  • Request your quotes in writing so you can compare them on your own time at home.
  • When you have narrowed you coverage choices down to a handful, ask the agent for the A.M. Best rating for each company. You want to buy your insurance from a company with solid finances.
  • Buy only from an agent that addresses your needs without trying to push you into coverage you don’t need.

If you follow those guidelines when trying to find a good insurance agent, you’ll undoubtedly find a reliable insurance agent that you can trust to manage your personal insurance.

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